Can My Dog Get Hantaviruses?

Humans can obtain it by wiping deer mouse droppings. A dog or cat cannot transmit the Hantavirus from rodents to a person, dogs and cats can be infected with Hanta but do not pass it on to humans. This infection usually begins with flu-like symptoms such as headache, muscle pain, and fever.

A hantavirus is a group of viruses that cause Hanta Viral Syndrome or HPS. HPS is a rare but serious disease that causes severe lung problems and sometimes death. The Hantavirus carries several types of rats and mice. People can get sick by coming into contact with feces or urine from infected rodents or inhaling dust from stools or dried urine. Are your dogs also at risk of this deadly virus?

The dangers of the Hantan virus for pets
Other mammals such as dogs and cats may be infected with the Hantavirus, but they appear not to be affected by the HPS virus. Researchers found antibodies to dogs that came into contact with rodents that carry the virus, but dogs do not show pulmonary symptoms. Animals also do not transmit the virus to humans. However, it may facilitate infection in humans by bringing infected rodents into the presence of people, who can then catch the disease by contacting rodent droppings.

Can mice spread the disease to dogs?
How is it spread? Leptospirosis is caused by Leptospira bacteria that rodents and other animals can transmit to animals and humans. Dogs can become infected by direct contact (for instance, from a rat bite or from eating rats) or via indirect contact (for instance, by drinking urine-contaminated water).

Can dogs get sick from rat droppings?
Since it is difficult to know whether a mouse or mice are carrying the Hantavirus, it is best to avoid all mice and wild rats and to safely clean any urine rodents, dungs or nests in your home. Dogs and cats cannot infect people with the Hantavirus.