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The Bombay cat is a sort of brief-haired cat advanced through breeding sable Burmese and black American Shorthair cats, to supply a cat of broadly speaking Burmese kind, however with a graceful, panther-like black coat. Bombay is the name given to black cats of the Asian institution. Bombay is likewise known as the Black Burmese, and nicknamed “mini-panther”.

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The breed turned into advanced through Nikki Horner, a breeder from Louisville, Kentucky, who, beginning in 1958, tried to create a breed of cat that resembled a miniature black panther. the first try changed into a failure, however, the second in 1965, became a hit. The breed turned into formally recognized and registered by way of the Cat Fanciers’ affiliation in 1970 and The international Cat affiliation in 1979. Nikki Horner died in 1995.


The Bombay is a shorthair breed of home cat, closely associated with the Burmese. Bombay is normally characterized as having an all-black coat, black soles, black nostrils, and mouth, with copper or green eyes. The near-lying, glossy and glossy black coat is usually colored to the roots, with very little paling.

The Bombay has a medium body build that is muscular. Their weight is generally eight to fifteen pounds (3.6 to six.eight kg) with adult males commonly being heavier than ladies.


A wholesome Bombay can stay about 15 to 20 years. they could have a few sinus problems, snuffly noses, and gingivitis. Their food consumption must be managed to avoid overfeeding.


Bombay cats are particularly social and brave; they have a tendency to be attached to their households and crave attention, and for this reason, cats of this breed are surprisingly appropriate for children. maximum Bombay is not independent, however, many older Bombays are greater impartial when in comparison with more youthful cats.

They are looking for attention from their proprietors and people around them often and dislike being left on my own for prolonged durations of time. even though they prefer to be around people normally, Bombay also generally tend to have a sure character whom they pay unique interest to of their lives. standard, the Bombay breed is smart, playful, and interest-looking. The Bombay’s muscular medium-sized frame can be deceiving, as they frequently weigh barely greater than they might seem to. They don’t shed as lots as different breeds and require little or no grooming. They generally tend to get alongside well with different cats, as they have got a longtime pecking order inside the family. they have got a noisy distinctive purr. Bombay is recognized to be vocal and that they cry and meow more than other cats.

Bombay Cat Price

The common fee of a Bombay typically levels from around $500 to $seven hundred. once in a while, it is able to move even better. The charge for a Bombay cat increases if you are inquisitive about a show cat, with this category of felines commanding prices in the range of $2,000.

Bombay Cat Photos HD
The Bombay is a shorthair breed of domestic cat, carefully associated with the Burmese. Bombay cats are commonly characterized as having an all-black coat, black soles, black nostrils, and mouth, with copper or inexperienced eyes. The near-mendacity, smooth and sleek black coat is generally colored to the roots, with little or no paling.