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The Birman additionally called the “Sacred Cat of Burma”, is a home cat breed. The Birman is an extended-haired, coloration-pointed cat distinguished by way of a silky coat, deep blue eyes, and contrasting white “gloves” or “socks” on each paw.

The breed call is derived from Birmanie, the French form of Burma. The Birman breed was first diagnosed in France by the Cat membership de France in 1925, then in England through the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) in 1966 and in America by means of the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in 1967. it is also diagnosed by the Canadian Cat Association (CCA) and the global Cat affiliation (TICA) in 1979.


No clear report of the breed’s beginning exists. they’re most often claimed to have originated because of the partners of temple priests in northern Burma within the Mount of Lugh. Many testimonies exist of ways the cats first got here to France, which include pairs of cats being given as praise for assisting defend a temple or being smuggled out of Burma by way of a Vanderbilt. some other pair of Birmans (or a pregnant lady known as Poupée de Maldapour) had been stated to had been stolen and later imported to France by way of Thaddeus Haddisch. the primary lines of historic Birmans pass again to a Mme Leotardi in great, France.

Many trust, as legend will inform, that the breed originated in Burma (now known as Myanmar) among the temples of ancient times and along priests; but, there are also a few that later believed the pussycats got here to Europe, specifically France, from someplace in Asia, which has been spread from different legends and stories surpassed round as nicely. no matter the numerous tales and folklore that go around, there may be a positivity that the Birman cat breed turned into discovered in France as early as the Nineteen Twenties, and plenty of special stories maintain to the floor about the mystique that lies behind their history.

Birmans had been nearly worn out as a breed at some point of world struggle II. only two cats have been alive in Europe at the end of the warfare, a pair named Orloff and Xenia de Kaabaa, each belonging to Baudoin-Crevoisier. the foundation of the breed in postwar France had been offspring of this pair. They had to be heavily outcrossed with long-hair breeds including Persian and Siamese to rebuild the Birman breed. by means of the early Fifties, natural Birman litters had been once more being produced. The restored breed turned into a diagnosed in Britain in 1965 and by the CFA in 1966.
the first Birman cats were sealed factor. The blue point color changed into brought in 1959 the use of blue Persian strains. New shades had been later delivered by using English breeders together with chocolate, crimson, and tabby/lynx points. Birmans have also been used within the improvement of recent breeds inclusive of the Ragdoll.


Birmans have a medium-sized, square frame with a wide face and wonderful Roman nostrils. Their ears are preferably as wide on the base as they may be tall and should be set as much on the pinnacle of the head as at the side. The eyes are rounded and have to be a deep sapphire blue.

The Birman’s fur is medium-length and has to have a silky texture. not like a Persian or Himalayan, they don’t have any undercoat, hence they are tons much less liable to matting. Coat color is usually pointed, keep for the contrasting pure white, symmetrical “gloves” on each paw which might be the trademark of the breed. The white has to involve all toes and in front have to stop at the articulation or on the transition of ft to metacarpals. those gloves should increase enormously in addition up the again of the leg (referred to as the “laces”), finishing with an inverted V extended 1/2 to three-fourths up the hock. any other spot of white at the points is considered a critical fault. the bottom body shade is white to cream, with a wash of color that corresponds to the factors, but is lots paler.

identified point colors are a seal, chocolate, blue, lilac (a softer silver-gray), crimson, or cream. Tabby and tortie versions in seal, chocolate, blue or lilac also are allowed; different shades are in development.

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like all colorfactor breeds, Birman kittens are born white and start developing their factors after one week if a dark coloration (i.e. seal point) and 14 days or more of the factors are “clear” or lighter-colored (i.e. lilac point). Their coats do now not reach complete development up till the cats are years old.

Genetic diversity

2008 have a look at “The Ascent of Cat Breeds: Genetic reviews of Breeds and worldwide Random-bred Populations” through Lipinski et al. determined that the Birman has one of the lowest ranges of genetic variation of all of the breeds studied. this is no marvel given the breed records.

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The most extreme danger is feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), the maximum common heart sickness seen in cats. In Birman cats, it’s a far concept to be inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. HCM is a progressive disorder and might result in heart failure, paralysis of the hind legs due to clot embolization originating within the coronary heart, and unexpected death.

In “Serum symmetric dimethylarginine and creatinine in Birman cats as compared with cats of other breeds”, researchers have analyzed that Birman cats have high serum attention of creatinine and symmetric dimethylarginine, however, most Birman cats have higher concentrations of creatinine than SDMA. Creatinine is a creatine phosphate and is produced throughout the metabolism of creatine, and is excreted through urination. SDMA is a methylated shape of the amino acid arginine and is launched in the course of regular catabolisms of body proteins. tiers of creatinine and SDMA are determined whilst Birman cats are tested for a persistent kidney ailment, for which they’re at excessive hazard. Birman cats also are liable to growing tom cat infectious peritonitis; a disorder that alters the renal characteristic (creatinine levels in blood and urine) in the cats.

Birman naming conventions

Many Birman breeders follow the French lifestyle of assigning all kittens born in a particular 12 months given names that start with the same letter of the alphabet. countries with breeders using this conference consist of Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, the U.k., and the U.S. Kittens born in 2016 might start with ‘N’, and in 2017 ‘O’, and so forth.

Birman Cat Price

costs for getting a Birman kitten aren’t set in stone and could vary relying on the breeder you pick. Birman kittens can price, on common, everywhere between $400 and $600 – which may also seem plenty, but is a small price to pay for any such beautiful new member of your family!