Best Good Names For Pet Snakes

Stan is a great name for a human but what names can you come up with to suit your pet snakes? “Strangler” would scare kids away and maybe even some adults, but “Cuddly” for your constrictor would certainly seem to work—that is, if you understand, love, and adore your pet snake, Names For Pet Snakes

Snake Species:

  • African Rock Python.
  • Amazon Tree Boa.
  • Andean Milk Snake.
  • Anthill Python.
  • Arizona Mountain Kingsnake.
  • Baird’s Rat Snake.
  • Bamboo Rat Snake.
  • Black Mamba.

There are approximately 3,600 known species of snakes in the world. There are about 375 species of venomous snakes and only a small proportion are harmful to humans, I will give you the Names For Pet Snakes

Welcome Your Snake Home
Finding a name for your pet snake can be a tedious task, but when you find one, the accomplishment is rewarding. Your snake may not come to you when you say its name or it probably won’t fetch a ball and bring it back to you, but giving your snake a name is like saying, “Welcome into our household!”

Snake Naming Methods
Good Names For Pet SnakesNevertheless, there are some species of snakes that make cool pets, like the rosy boa, the python, the King, the corn, and the Milksnake. All the aforementioned snakes are great pets but owning one also passes you the responsibility of naming the snake. You could create a name by studying the type of snake you own or you could name the snake by its appearance or personality or by its color or pattern. Naming the snake using its age, size, or gender as the catalyst could also work in your favor. You can also just pick some names you think are fun! The choice is yours.

Researching Snake Names
Snake stories abound in mythology like the snake Ajatar from Finnish folklore or Grootslang from African and Dutch legends. And we cannot forget the snakes in popular literature like the snake Asmodeus Poisonteeth in Brian Jacques’ novel Redwall or Kaa from Rudyard Kipling’s, The Jungle Book. And we can’t forget the snakes in comics like Snavely from Walt Kelly’s Pogo comic strip. When you look for ’em, snake names are everywhere!

Naming With Care
Let’s face it, any name can probably work for any pet reptile but unusual names run the risk of being scary, tasteless, and misconceived by others. Again, the naming is up to you but keep in mind that a good number of people are fearful of reptiles so if you are out to make a first impression, name your reptile with care.

Choosing a Name to Suit Your Snake
No matter what you decide to name your snake, choose a name that suits your pet and you will make a good bond with your reptilian friend. Naming a pet snake can be a tricky task but it’s an important step, because by naming your pet, you’re in effect, accepting it into your family! So read some mythology or some books in general. Pick up a thesaurus or a dictionary or watch a movie or some TV. The name of your pet snake may just be around the corner!