Best Characteristics of Leopard Catahoulas

The Leopard Catahoula, an American breed named after the Diocese of Louisiana, is loyal, energetic, and smart. Catahoulas puppies train easily, but they need consistency, exercise and early socialization to relieve their strong instincts at work.

No one knows the exact origins of Catahoula, but their ancestors may have lived with the Native American tribes simultaneously. Although it is now a distinct breed, Catahoula came from a mixture of other breeds, mostly from Greyhound, Beauceron, Molosser and perhaps a touch of Red Wolf. The Catahoula coat is sometimes called a “leopard dog”, and it comes with mottled shades of reddish-brown, gray, black and white. Telltale’s contrasting spots are similar to those in a tiger, although Catahoula does not tolerate all of these spots.

Mood and tendencies
Soon after pups learn from Catahoula to walk, they start running and rarely slow down. This breed requires a lot of physical exercises to match his energy levels. Don’t be surprised when you find a Catahoula puppy chasing a family cat; its ancestors were born to hunt cattle and herd. Despite their natural inclinations, your puppy is highly trained and can form close bonds with other animals.

Training and acquaintance
Training must start early with Catahoulas – before they can develop anti-social attitudes. In eight weeks, it is not too early to enroll your toddler in the pups kindergarten, where he is likely to be the class star. Consistency and structure are the keys to successful Catahoula training. This breed is fast in breaking into the home and can easily compete in agility competitions, as it beats many other breeds. Because Catahoulas have strong protective instincts, it is imperative that your puppy face many humans and other animals when he is young to prevent aggression caused by the desire to protect you.

Physical and mental exercise
I just found a perfect jogging companion. When your puppy is 6 months old, he needs at least two hours of strenuous exercise a day to keep him happy and mentally healthy. He will run with you or your bike, and you will get tired of playing fetch long before that. A sharp puppy’s mind also needs mental stimulation. Work on a new order or trick at least 15 minutes a day and spin its toys weekly to keep it from getting bored.

Healthy for life
Since sciatic dysplasia is a concern in this breed, convert your puppy from puppy food to dog food about 4 months old (always consult a qualified veterinarian about the health and well-being of your pet). Puppy food usually contains a higher percentage of protein, which may cause the puppy’s bones to grow very quickly and puts him at risk of developing joint problems as he gets older. Otherwise, Catahoulas tend to be a healthy breed with only a slight willingness to develop hearing aids.

Character: Intelligent, Energetic, Inquisitive, Independent, Loving, Soft
Weight: Male: 16–48 kg, Female: 16–45 kg
Size: Male: 56–58 cm, Female: 51–61 cm
Dresses: Black, Brindle, Red Merle, Black merle,