Barbet Dog Breed Facts and Information

If you are looking for a dog that loves to have fun and is not afraid to get dirty a little, look no further! Barbet is affectionate, cheerful, and always prepares for a new adventure. Originally bred for hunting purposes, it is the perfect companion bar for wild trips but also doesn’t have trouble relaxing at home. This versatile dog makes the perfect companion.

The Barbet is the French water dog. It belongs to group 8. It is the ancestor of the poodle and many other dogs, such as griffins for example.
Life expectancy: 13 to 15 years
Origin: France
Character: Intelligent, Obedient, Good Company, Merry
Size: Female: 52–62 cm, Male: 57–66 cm
Weight: Female: 14–23 kg, Male: 17–28 kg
Dresses: Black, White, Tan, Gray, Brown

The basics
Dogs Barbet sports belong to the group hails from France. The name barbet comes from the French word barbe, meaning “beard.” These dogs are totally lovable with a bearded face and a fluffy coat! A medium-sized dog, male Barbie, 22.5-25 inches long, female length 20.5-24 inches. Both sexes range from 37-62 pounds and have an average life expectancy of 13-15 years.

The Barbet dog is an original French water dog and was historically used for game water hunting. A timeless and classic breed references to Barbet dog date to the eighth century. The breed is always mentioned with admiration and admiration for its loving nature, its affinity with water, its versatility, and its high intelligence. Barbets are the ancestors of poodles, bichon, griffon, otterhound, Newfoundland, briard and many other breeds.

The breed was almost wiped out after World War II but fortunately, a dedicated group of breeders was sure to keep the historic dog presence alive. Today, barbets are less common. There are only 30-40 barbets verified in the United States, and the purpose after they are made is known worldwide.

Known for her wit and strong social skills, Barber has exciting and cheerful characters. These dogs are versatile in their physical skill sets and are one of the best breeds for agility. Barbets succeed in activities like chasing balls and hunting flying discs. They also love to play in the mud and they are called “mad dogs.” Like historic water dogs, a barber requires a good amount of physical activity. They are always ready to leisurely swim! These dogs have a calm mood and are easy for anyone to live with as long as their activity needs are met.

Barbets are very trainable due to their obedient nature and willingness to please. Requires a fixed training system from a dedicated owner.

These lovable puppies are loyal to their companions and want to be happy companions. Barbets have no problem getting along with other kids and pets.

The appearance
One-touch of barber coat and you can feel the warmth! This hair, not fur, is long, woolen and waterproof. The wrapping can be wavy or curly and comes in solid colors: black, gray, brown, fawn, pale fawn, red or white fawn.

Under this beautiful coat of hair. You will find a pair of feet. Historically, these strings were ideal in assisting Barbets in their water catch.

Because of her curly hair, the barber requires daily cleaning to keep the brush layer. These dogs can trim their hair to help maintain their coat. Fortunately, the hair does not fall out too much and is the preferred choice for allergy sufferers.

Barbet basic facts:

  • Character: friendly, trainable, smart, and likable
  • Energy level: very active
  • Bark level: Moderate
  • Shedding: rare
  • Grooming: daily
  • Good with children: yes
  • Possibility of training: Very good
  • Height: 22.5-25 inches (male),
  • 20.5-24
  • Inches (female)
  • Weight: 37-62 pounds
  •  Life expectancy: 13-15 years

What does a Barbet dog look like?
About Barbet
The distinguishing feature of this medium-sized country dog is a thick curly coat that covers it from the top of its large wide head to the tip of its curved tail. The coat comes in shades of black, gray, brown, or antelope, sometimes with white markings.