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The Balinese is a long-haired breed of domestic cat with Siamese-fashion factor color and sapphire-blue eyes. The Balinese is also known as the purebred long-haired Siamese because it originated as a herbal mutation of that breed and therefore is basically the equal cat with a medium-length silky coat and a distinctively plumed tail.

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As is the case with their quick-haired opposite numbers, a genetic difference is made between conventional or “antique-fashion” and present-day body types. within the American trendy, color editions derived from the Colorpoint Shorthair are in addition taken into consideration a separate breed, referred to as the Javanese. there may be no particular connection between these cats and the Indonesian islands of Bali and Java, from which they derive their names.

Like their Siamese ancestors, Balinese are sociable, vocal, playful and inquisitive, and a sensible breed.

History and development

The “Balinese” isn’t really from Bali or any a part of Indonesia. Its history starts with the first Siamese cats that were imported from Thailand to the U.S. and UK in the mid-1800s, some of whom carried the recessive lengthy-haired gene. The Balinese breed subsequently originated from deliberate breeding efforts based totally around this certainly expressed genetic trait.

first of all, occasional lengthy-haired kittens in Siamese litters were considered a fault within the bloodlines and bought solely as pets. There are records of these cats as early because of the 1900s; “lengthy-haired Siamese” was first registered as display cats with the American Cat Fanciers’ Federation in 1928. inside the mid-Fifties, breeders in the US commenced extreme efforts to develop the lengthy-haired variant as a separate breed. considering long-haired Siamese too bulky a call, preliminary breeder Helen Smith dubbed the brand new breed “Balinese” as a connection with the grace of Balinese dancers.

A breeder named Sylvia Holland (who become additionally an illustrator for Walt Disney Studios) worked to similarly set up the breed standard in the 1960s and 1970s. She diagnosed only cats showing the classic Siamese factors in seal, chocolate, blue and lilac as proper Balinese, refusing to just accept others considering that they’d likely originated from crosses with different breeds. the yank Cat Fanciers’ association had in the meantime officially labeled Siamese with the more modern pink and cream in addition to lynx (tabby) and tortoiseshell (or “tortie”) patterned factors as a separate breed, the Colorpoint Shorthair, and the lengthy-haired cats derived from these shades and styles had been in the end likewise categorized one after the other as “Javanese”, in keeping with the Indonesian island subject matter.

Like their Siamese ancestors, the Balinese gradually cut up into two separate varieties primarily based on physical type. The conventional Siamese (also known as antique-style or “apple-head”, now being one after the other developed as the Thai), turned into the type in trend when the Balinese was set up, and subsequently utilized in its development; these antique-fashion Balinese still closely resemble the ones from the early breeding programs.

because the parent short-haired Siamese received in reputation, however, a trend developed in favor of an extra extremely elongated, slender kind with a distinctively wedge-fashioned head. The cutting-edge (or “modern-day”) Balinese changed into subsequently derived directly from this more modern Siamese best. with the aid of the mid-Nineteen Eighties, the antique-style Balinese, like their Siamese opposite numbers, had disappeared from most cat suggests, excluding a few breeders who maintained the unique Balinese type. the 2 forms of Balinese thus have only a few if any latest ancestors in common.


there has been a discussion within the Cat Fanciers’ association approximately merging the two breeds into one breed with color divisions as early as 2006. The Javanese is a hybrid between Colorpoint Shorthair and Balinese. In 2008, breeders in the Balinese Breed Council and Javanese Breed Council voted to combine the Balinese and Javanese as one breed and declared Javanese as a coloration department of Balinese. The Cat Fanciers’ association turned into the simplest organization to trust that Javanese become a separate breed. this doesn’t affect the colors or description of Balinese, on the grounds that they are two separate divisions however they may be simply positioned below the Balinese. Javanese will nevertheless have the same hues as before, alongside Balinese having the same colors mentioned underneath.

This motion has added The Cat Fanciers’ association more in line with the opposite global registries. The Cat Fanciers’ association made this transformation for the reason that councils in their enterprise (Balinese and Javanese) have been overlapping round a median of 50 to 75% with the equal contributors who breed and exhibited the two kinds. Combining the 2 breeds will with any luck increase Balinese registration in the Cat Fanciers’ Association, via encouraging new breeders and exhibitors of Balinese to return forth and gift their cat. in addition, they wished to reveal greater Javanese of the correct coat duration inside the suggests. this could also assist lower the wide variety of cats needed to preserve a healthy breeding software.


the 2 varieties of Balinese are still analogous to their Siamese opposite numbers. whilst each is quite slender, swish excellent-boned cats with long legs and tail, neat oval paws, almond-fashioned eyes, and large pointed ears, the traditional kind is ordinary the more sizeable, with a broader head and sturdier frame. The contemporary type functions an incredibly greater wedge-fashioned head with a lengthy tapering muzzle and longer, broader ears, atop an extra slender and elongated frame.

Coat and color

The coat is essentially medium-period (even though there may be significant variance by way of person) and needs to be gentle and silky, without the fluffy undercoat standard of most lengthy-haired breeds. The offspring of two Balinese could have a longer coat than that of a Balinese and a Siamese. In all instances, the tail has to have an exact plume, or fringe, of longer hair. Eye color tiers from light blue thru sapphire/violet; depth of coloration can exchange barely with age and eating regimen. The paw pad color may be used to discover the coloration point in kittens. red pads are determined in chocolate and lilac factors; at the same time as dark pads are found in blue and seal factors.

like every cat with the point pattern, Balinese kittens are born pure cream or white and progressively expand visible points in chillier parts of their frame — the face, ears, paws, and tail. Their shade is identifiable by the point they’re 4 weeks old. some cats have a tendency to darken with age, and normally, adult Balinese cats living in warm climates have lighter coats than those in cool climates.

The Cat Fanciers’ Federation and maximum different institutions worldwide receive the Balinese breed in a seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, crimson and cream factor, except tortoiseshell and lynx points in all of these colors. The Cat Fanciers’ association widespread continues to simply accept the Balinese in most effective the conventional seal, blue, chocolate and lilac points, with all other viable hues and styles classed separately as Javanese


Balinese share the tendencies of the short-haired Siamese and therefore are considerably social and playful cats with an intense interest in the activity around them and a bent to vocalize regularly and constantly, albeit at a decrease volume. they are reputed to have the highest intelligence of all the long-haired breeds. they may be also reputed to be notably acrobatic and to revel in intimate contact with their owners

Hypoallergenic claims

Anecdotally, Balinese are claimed to motive many fewer issues with hypersensitive reactions than maximum breeds. at the same time as strict medical proof for that is missing, it’s been decided that, in contrast to most cats, the Balinese produces very low quantities of the Fel d1 and Fel d4 protein allergens. As with the Siberian cat breed, some Balinese breeders and clubs are running together to provide greater rigorously examined proof of the Balinese’s hypoallergenic pleasant.


A pointed pattern is a form of partial albinism, resulting from a mutation in tyrosinase, an enzyme worried in melanin manufacturing. The mutated enzyme is warmness-touchy; it fails to paintings at normal body temperatures but will become lively in cooler regions of the pores and skin. This effects darkish coloration in the coolest parts of the cat’s body, consisting of the extremities and the face, which is cooled with the aid of the passage of air through the sinuses. even though crossbreeding with different breeds passed off with the intention to produce the less traditional Javanese colorations, they are taken into consideration purebred cats if they’re registered and have as a minimum 3-4 or extra generations of Siamese or Balinese lineage.

Health Problems

they may be considered a wholesome breed with only a few health issues. they’re a pedigree breed, because of this they’re developed from the sort of small gene pool of Siamese with the long hair mutation. The smaller the gene pool, the extra probabilities they may be to inherited many unknown health disorders. a probable showed disorder for Balinese is modern Retinal Atrophy (PRA), that’s a degeneration of the retina in the attention; which may additionally lead to weak or impaired imaginative and prescient.

there have been some cases of Balinese having dilated cardiomyopathy, which is an ailment that enlarges the coronary heart muscle mass that decreases heart feature. There are also a few claims that they may be at a low hazard for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).
another potential health problem is liver amyloidosis, or systemic amyloidosis which finally results in failure of some organ, maximum typically the liver. Liver amyloidosis usually happens in any member of the Siamese and the Balinese is a mutation of the Siamese, so it may have any inherited disorders at once to Siamese.
They occasionally developed a rare inheritance that makes their blue almond fashioned eyes appearance pass eyed. it is referred to as Strabismus, which is common in Siamese cat breeds.

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The Balinese is a protracted, slim cat with fine boning and the equal Himalayan shade sample because of the Siamese. they arrive in the 4 Siamese colorings: seal factor, blue point, chocolate factor, and lilac factor. Their head bureaucracy an extended, tapering wedge with an extended, directly profile. Ears are large and continue the wedge.