Animax Ointment for Dogs

Animax Ointment, which is manufactured by Dechra Veterinary Products, contains four ingredients that can provide your dog with a variety of therapeutic benefits for ear, skin and anal glands problems. It is sold in 1/4, 1/2 and 1 ounce. Tubes at 8 ounces. Bottles, Animax ointment is available on veterinary prescription only. Animax ointment is often prescribed to treat conditions related to bacterial or fungal infections.

Animax components
Triamcinolone corticosteroid relieves corticosteroid swelling, inflammation, and itching so that dog skin problems have a chance to heal. The antibiotic thiostrepton fights a wide range of bacterial infections while nystatin fights many strains of yeast and other fungi including high-resistance Monilia. Finally, Animax provides additional protection against bacterial infection with the neomycin antibiotic.

Animax ointment is used
Animax ointment treats bacterial and fungal ear infections, abscesses between the fingers of dogs, and infected anal glands. Many veterinarians also prescribe it for skin inflammation (dermatitis) caused by mites or fleas, eczema, and fungus-based seborrheic dermatitis.

Either protect your hands by wearing gloves or washing them as soon as the Animax app is finished on your dog. In severe cases, you may have to use Animax on your dog up to three times a day (depending on the advice of your vet). Mild skin problems may need to be treated only once a week.

Before treating a dog from otitis, clean the external ear canal from any dry discharge or debris. Remove the tube cap, puncture the protective plug, and place between three and five drops in its ear.

It may be best to leave Animax ointment to treat the anal glands or cysts to the vet because the cyst or gland will be drained and filled with ointment. Remove any implants before treating the dog’s skin with the ointment. Cover the affected area with a thin layer of Animax.

When not to use Animax
Do not use Animax on cuts, deep abscesses, burns or wounds containing pus.

Side effects
Some dogs are sensitive to neomycin in Animax. If your dog’s condition fails to improve or worsens, stop using the ointment.

Some dogs experience weight gain, excessive thirst, and an increased urge to urinate when corticosteroids such as triamcinolone are absorbed through their skin. Watch your dog closely for these symptoms while using Animax and stop them if they develop them.

Check the dog’s external ear canal closely before applying Animax Ointment. Ensure that the outer ear membrane is intact or that you risk the ointment carrying the infection deeper into the ear. If the dog appears to have difficulty hearing while using the ointment, stop using it and examine its ear by a veterinarian. (Ref 1)

Is Animax steroid ointment?
Animax is the brand name for a combination of drugs in the form of ointment. It is a mixture of corticosteroid, antifungal, and antibiotic. Animax is useful for treating infections caused by or complicated by yeast or bacteria. Topical treatment is suitable for dogs and cats.