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the American Shorthair (ASH) is a breed of domestic cat believed to be descended from EU cats added to North the united states by means of early settlers to defend precious shipment from mice and rats. in line with the Cat Fancier’s Association, in 2012, it became the seventh most famous pedigreed cat inside the United States.


when settlers sailed from Europe to North America, they carried cats on board (ships’ cats) to guard the stores from mice—as an example, the cats that came over at the Mayflower with the Pilgrims to seek rats on the ship and in the colony. lots of those cats landed in the New international, interbred, and advanced special characteristics to assist them to cope with their new existence and weather. Early inside the 20th century, a selective breeding program was set up to increase the first-class features of those cats.
the American Shorthair is a pedigreed cat breed, with a strict conformation preferred, as set by way of cat fanciers of the breed and the North American cat fancier associations consisting of The worldwide Cat Association (TICA) and the Cat Fanciers’ affiliation. The breed is regularly occurring with the aid of all North American cat registries. originally referred to as the domestic Shorthair, the breed was renamed in 1966 to the “Shorthair” to higher represent its “all-American” origins and to distinguish it from different shorthaired breeds. The call “American Shorthair” also reinforces the truth that the breed is a pedigreed breed distinct from the random-bred non-pedigreed domestic brief-haired cats in North The USA, which might also nevertheless resemble the ASH. both the American Shorthair breed and the random-bred cats from which the breed is derived are now and again called working cats because they had been used for controlling rodent populations, on ships and farms.


even though it isn’t an incredibly athletic cat, the American Shorthair has a large, powerfully-built frame. in line with the breed fashionable of the Cat Fanciers’ Association, the Shorthair is a real breed of running cat. they have round faces and short ears.
in keeping with the CFA, American Shorthairs are low-renovation cats that are normally wholesome, smooth-going, affectionate with owners and social with strangers. adult males are considerably larger than ladies, weighing 11 to 15 pounds whilst absolutely grown. Mature women weigh six to 12 kilos when they attain complete growth at 3 to four years of age. With a first-rate eating regimen and lots of attention, love, and care, they are able to live 15 years or longer, requiring annual vaccinations and veterinary checkups. these cats have solidly constructed, effective, and muscular bodies with nicely-developed shoulders, chests, and hindquarters.
the Shorthair is recognized in greater than eighty different colorations and patterns ranging from the brown-patched tabby to the blue-eyed white, the shaded silvers, smokes, and cameos to the calico van, and many colors in among. some even come in deep tones of black, brown, or different blends and combos. usually, the handiest cats displaying evidence of crossbreeding ensuing in the colors chocolate, sable, lavender, lilac, or the factor-constrained pattern of the Siamese family are disqualified from being proven.

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The breed wasn’t referred to as “American Shorthair till 1966 while it changed into given the call to distinguish it from other home shorthairs and random-bred shorthairs.
because they resemble so many other domestic shorthair cats, the handiest way to recognize yours is American is with licensed breed papers.
An American Shorthair changed into named CFA’s “Cat of the year” in 1965, 1984 and 1996.
the American Shorthair is a hearty and healthy breed. a few times of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy had been recorded, however, it’s unknown if the situation is hereditary. Their flat face also makes the breed more prone to ocular and breathing problems. they may be genetically predisposed to mouth and gum disease and their laid-back nature increases their threat of obesity. respectable breeders check thoroughly to avoid breeding cats with genetic illnesses.

Caring for American Shorthairs
Your American Shorthair will shed but combing a couple of times according to week removes useless hair and redistributes skin oils to keep her coat vivid and prevent dry, itchy skin.


15 to 20 years


American Shorthairs are a diverse breed with an array of colors and patterns. Silver tabby is one of the most common and popular, however.


As a working cat, American Shorthairs have a stocky, muscular build. Their muscular legs lend themselves to the American’s agility and endurance. they have got a massive head and complete face, medium-sized ears and big, wide eyes.

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White, black, blue, red, cream and silver, plus various patterns and shadings