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Aegean cats (Greek: γάτα του Αιγαίου gáta to Aigaíou) are a certainly occurring landrace of domestic cat originating from the Cycladic Islands of Greece. it’s miles taken into consideration a natural cat, developing without human interference. improvement of the Aegean cat as a proper breed started out within the early 1990s with the aid of breeders inside the fledgling Greek cat fancy, however, the variety has yet to be identified via any fundamental fancier and breeder business enterprise. it’s far considered to be the most effective local Greek sort of cat.


The Aegean cat, as its name suggests, originates from the Cycladic Islands inside the Aegean Sea, in which they arise as a natural landrace. Aegeans are considered one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds.they may be common as feral cats in Greece and Turkey, wherein they are located amongst fishing ports inquiring for meals services In Greece, Aegean Cats are considered a national treasure.

Aegean cats as pets

despite the fact that the Aegean has most effective very recently began to be bred systematically, it has been domesticated for many centuries and therefore has grown to be adapted very well to human beings. it’s miles a social puppy that tolerates residing in an apartment as an alternative well. it is smart, energetic, energetic and also communicative, now not hesitating to attract someone’s attention.


Aegean cats are a medium-sized, muscular, semi-longhaired cat.[dubious – discuss] The coat is bicolor or tricolor with one of the colorings being nearly always white. White typically takes up between 1/4 to nine/10 of the body. The coloration in their coat would possibly consist of many different colors and styles. Their paws are medium in size and feature a spherical form. Their tail may be lengthy and “hooked”. The ears have a wide base and rounded pointers and are included by means of hair. The eyes have an almond shape and their coloration can be any coloration of inexperienced, blue and yellow.

Aegean cats are stated for their affinity for water and fishing. due to the fact the breed became allowed to increase via herbal selection, rather than selective breeding, Aegean are unfastened from maximum feline genetic sicknesses.

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Ways to Identify an Aegean Cat Videos And Photos

The coat of an Aegean cat is multicolored. typically, 2 or 3 distinct colors of their coat. the principle shade is continually white, and typically covers more of the frame than the opposite colors. the alternative hues can be cream, blue, black, or red.

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